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One of RIG’s core functions is to represent the interests of its members, and RIG is therefore in regular conversation with opinion formers and decision makers.

Independent radio producers are responsible for many of the most critically-acclaimed UK radio programmes. Indies regularly win around 30% of Radio Academy Awards, which represents a far higher proportion of programmes than are commissioned, and likewise 'punch above their weight' in international competition, such as the New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Indies, through their work with the BBC, commercial radio sector, corporate market, and live events such as music concerts and theatre, are in a position to facilitate a cross-fertilisation of talent and ideas, ensuring that UK radio content is as rich, lively, informative and diverse as possible.

Nowhere is the potential for this greater than for the BBC which, via the Director-General's 'Compete or Compare' initiative, is looking to be more flexible and efficient, in the process ensuring the licence fee payer is being given quality content across the full range of services.

More competition in programme-making is a key plank of achieving this, as has been proved with Television, where up to half the BBC’s programmes can be made by independent production companies.

RIG’s members want to work with the BBC as much as possible to make radio programmes, and is in regular talks with the Corporation, in addition to the Government and others, as we seek to make that a reality.

RIG Parliamentary reception

RIG also contributes to the policy debate in other areas, for example skills policy, and diversity in the media.

On this page can be found RIG’s most recent policy documents [click title to view or download]

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