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RIG Skills Nights

From pitching ideas to handling presenters, interview skills to content-selling, RIG organises regular events focussing on skills for those in the Independent Radio sector. These are free to RIG members and their staff as well as freelance staff working within the radio indie sector. If you’d like to be put on the mailing list then contact

Indies on Air this week

Indie programmes are on the radio at home and abroad throughout this week, including these 76; some of which are featured in BBC Radio's highlights of the week, from Somethin’ Else (21),  Wise Buddah (10), TBI (8),We Are Grape (5), Falling Tree Productions (4), Folded Wing (4), Smooth Operations (4), The Noisehouse (4), Unique (3), Ora et Labora (2), Whistledown (2), Brook Lapping Productions, Foldback Media, Giddy Goat Productions, Howlett Media Productions, Impatient Productions, Loftus Media, Open Mike, Testbed Productions and Wire Free

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